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Everything at hand. Make every inch of storage space in your kitchen readily accessible with Crown's comprehensive engineered storage system

Handles Handles »

If you have a chosen a kitchen style with handles you certainly will not be short of choice. From modern stainless steel T bar handles to traditional antiqued bronzed shell handles we have the perfect handle to complement your kitchen

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Create the mood with some specialist lighting. Create a warm glow or turn your kitchen into the perfect party place with remote controlled flashing led lighting

Splashbacks Splashbacks »

Get creative with a our range of glass splashbacks. Available in a range of bright and subtle colours, these can add a highlight or flash of colour to your kitchen.

Worktops Worktops »

Apart from the kitchen furniture, your worksurface is the most visible element. Your choice may not only be aesthetic, but may be influenced by function. If you want an undermounted sink this will influence the type of surface you require… Silestone, Minervam Granite, Maia

Appliances Appliances »

Cooking appliances are one of the key decisions when planning your new kitchen. Built-in range cooker, hob, extractor, gas, electric, induction, steam, pyrolytic are all different types of appliances Neff, LUCE, Hotpoint and our own Essentials Range

Refrigeration Refrigeration »

The biggest decision with refrigeration is whether to have it built-in hidden behind a kitchen door, or to go for freestanding. There are a multitude of options that your Crown Specialist can guide you through. Not to mention innovative products like refrigerated drawers and wine coolers to consider

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Sinks and Taps come in many shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. As your Specialist we have a wealth of product knowledge to help you select the right products to complement your new kitchen

New kitchen or update?

The first thing you need to decide when planning a kitchen is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start totally afresh.

Look at what you already have, what you like and don't like, and what you want to remove or keep. If the kitchen layout works, only change it if there is a real benefit - for example, if it increases the value of your home. If this is the case, talk to an estate agent to see what the maximum financial gain a new kitchen would bring minus what you're prepared to spend.

Kitchen layouts

If you want an entirely new kitchen, think about the layout and how you use your current kitchen. For example, where will you want most worktop space? What elements do you want to be close to each other, such as the fridge and cooking station? Do you use it for dinner parties? Do you have a lot of gadgets to accommodate? This will help ensure that your day-to-day needs will not get overlooked in the planning process.

You then need to look at the constraints in your kitchen, such as size and the positions of doors, windows and sockets.

Kitchen budget

Next, consider how much you have to spend - remembering to set aside at least 10% for emergencies - and then see what you can get for your money. It's important to consider all the costs such as installation, appliances, plumbing and electrics.

Some kitchen design ideas

Galley kitchen - a design where the units and appliances line both sides of the kitchen.

Kitchen Island - many kitchens are now built around a central island, used either to house appliances, as additional storage or as a breakfast bar

L-shaped kitchen - a good option for smaller kitchens, units form an L shape along two sides of the kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen - where units line three walls of the kitchen creating a U shape.

Open-plan kitchen - this layout is flexible and works well in both small and large spaces, a very modern and contemporary solution..

If your budget is tight and you decide you don't need an entire new kitchen, there are simple changes you can make that will transform your current kitchen without the cost:

Create a feature wall - this is an ideal way to add character to your kitchen and make a statement. Use colourful or patterned tiles, or a distinctive splash back to create a focal point.

Update worktops and doors - Sticks and Stones Interiors also supply new kitchen unit doors, drawer fronts and worktops, refreshing your kitchen but at a fraction of the price of an entirely new one.

Kitchen doors and drawers

Some cheaper door fronts are covered with a printed paper film, which can scratch and damage easily.

Cheaper wood-finish doors often have just a veneer, while a better-quality door is coated in a thicker surface layer, making it more durable. You'll get a wider choice of door, such as high gloss or solid wood, if you spend a bit more.

Upgrading to soft-close doors and drawers makes a marked difference when using your kitchen. Soft-close drawers, which allow you to close slowly without it slamming, are designed for years of use with hard-wearing mechanisms. The cheap basic drawer runners can be clunky but will do the job. Please take a look at our modern kitchen and country kitchen galleries for ideas on the look you want to create.

Kitchen units

A bespoke design will give you flexibility for pieces to match your specification, but cheaper units work just as well providing they're installed properly.

More expensive units tend to be made from thicker wood and arrive pre-assembled (and glued together), making very strong and rigid, less expensive kitchens can be pre-assembled or flat pack. However, as long as units are fitted properly and the correct shelf fixings are used, then both types will be sturdy and take the same weight on shelves.

It's important to check that 800mm and 1,000mm units have a centre-supporting shelf bracket, as these widths of shelf can tend to bow.

Kitchen worktops

Prices vary from £50 to more than £5000 for the same length of worktop depending on the finish and material. Laminate is cheapest and is long lasting and durable, but not the best quality.

Solid-surface worktops have a thicker surface layer, which can be sanded and buffed, so joins are masked to give a better finish.

The more expensive solid wood or granite will give a beautiful finish that should last a lifetime with proper care. Wood worktops can warp if poorly stored, so check thoroughly before installation.

Quartz worktops are similar in appearance to granite.

A typical list of appliances for a kitchen including washing machine, cooker hood, oven, hob, dishwasher and fridge freezer.


Careful lighting can change the feel of your kitchen, especially if it's small. Spotlights or lights under the counter can add a modern touch, while pendant lights bring a country element to a kitchen. If you're rearranging your lights, as opposed to just getting new shades, speak to an electrician first to find out what is possible.


If your floor is old, replacing it can lift your kitchen. Again, your choice of flooring can affect the feel of the room. Vinyl flooring is generally the cheapest, , with natural materials such as stone and wood being more expensive - anything from £20 to £100 as a starting prices. If you're interested in a wooden floor, please see our guide to wood flooring.

To ensure longevity of your kitchen - go for quality cabinets -this will prove more cost effective- choose cabinets of 18mm/19mm width and solid backs.

Try to make a personal contact within the company - who will visit at least once during the course of installation and again on completion.

Sticks and Stones Interiors recommend that the appropriate, competent professional tradespersons are employed to carry out the fitting and installation of your Dream Fitted Kitchen. i.e. Plumbers for the plumbing, electricians for the electrics and kitchen fitters for the kitchen.

Speak to your allocated kitchen fitter before the installation to discuss the time, date and key arrangements (if appropriate) and of course brewing facilities.